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Founder of McFscot John McFarland with son Douglas at an Anzac ceremony in Sydney

A family business, operating for over 20 years; we specialize in quality Scottish import goods and cultural education. For all your Scottish needs: your one stop shop is McFarland Scottish and Celtic Supplies.

The brand supplies Kilts, bagpipes and all things Highland Dancing throughout Australia and the worldwide Scottish Community.

McFarland Scottish and Celtic Supplies was opened in 1990 by John and Veronica McFarland to serve Australia’s Scottish Community.

Specialising in hand crafted Highland accessories, the family owned business travelled around the Highland games providing bandsmen, dancers, clansmen and Scotsfolk with traditional outfitting.

In 1991 the business acquired the first Australian agency for Andante Drums. John McFarland, formerly a professionally employed pipe band drummer and judge, promoted the drum to bands around Australia, securing the brand an Australian fanbase.

During the late nineties, the McFarland’s became regular suppliers to many leading bands and dancers, before moving in a new direction focusing on Highland dancers.

In 2004 Dougies Sydney Highland Dance Pumps were introduced. A renowned favorite among Australian dancers before launching in the US through an alliance with Highland Island. Now the brand is sold by many leading retailers the world over.

In 2005 the business launched a comprehensive website providing clients with online shopping, up to date information, competition results, news and an exciting discussion forum for all things Scottish. The website, is used as a platform to communicate to clients the world over.

In 2010, owner and managing partner John McFarland passed away following an 11 year battle with cancer. The business was handed to his son Douglas who now manages the business with his mother.

Late 2010 the business moved into MacGregor Studio, a warehouse based unit/ dance studio in Manns Road, West Gosford. The business merged with the Veronica Law School of Highland Dancing and offers Highland Dance lessons with quality dance teachers. The showroom on the mezzanine level worked successfully outfitting many clients for all occasions.

In November 2011, McFscot relocated to Laycock Street, North Gosford where it operates all functions of measuring and fitting kilts, teaching bagpipes and supplying pipe band equipment, teaching Highland dancing and supplying Highland Dancers with outfits.