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Dougies Highland Shoe – The full point on it’s way to Australia

The new release Dougies Highland Shoe – the full point are on their way to Australia. With green stitching and white eyelets to shoes are a special edition celebrating the 50th year of the Highland School which founder Douglas McFarland was trained at. There is also a limited edition pink stitch and eyelet however due to popular demand there is already a waiting list for these.


The new shipment should arrive early February and we look forward to fitting your new pair to your foot soon.

Welcome to 2013 from Down Under the Kilt

damo webAfter the massive year that was 2012, all of us here at Down Under the Kilt are ready for what will be our biggest year to come.

The highlight of 2012 would have to be the success of our dance school, the Veronica Law School of Highland Dancing. Celebrating 50 years in 2013, the school has never been stronger, and that was proven in the sensational end of year performance; Obey the Law, which featured new and classic work from Douglas McFarland and his crew. Some of these pieces will be seen at the 50th anniversary celebration being held on June 22, 2013. In addition to the end of year show, the dancers from the school excelled in every aspect and are all keen to progress in 2013. Enrolment is taking place in January 2013 and we are welcoming new students.

Dougie’s Highland fitness class had another successful year, with requests coming from all over the world for Dougie’s syllabus. Due to such high demand, you should look forward to seeing a syllabus and DVD available in 2013.

The Scottish supplies kept us busy with many clients collecting and wearing their new imported garments, made by the finest tailors of Scottish outfits. This service will continue to grow in 2013, with the much awaited re-vamped Dougies Highland pump being released and a number of new items being added to the catalogue.

Our hire service as well was a hit, with weddings and Scottish functions all over Australia being graced by our kilts and highlandwear. The wardrobe grew in 2012 and will grow more this year as we add new tartans and new outfits to the collection.

It’s all happening in 2013 and Down Under the Kilt is your one-stop shop for Kilts, Bagpipes and Highland Dancing. See you at our Laycock St premises in 2013. Happy new year!

Harmony Day Performance, Mingara 2012

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This years Harmony Day celebrations saw ten Down Under the Kilt dancers perform at the Mingara Recreation Club on March 25th 2012. A “superb and perfectly timed” colourful display of both traditional and choreographed dances inspired great audience participation. The dancers showed great pride in representing Scotland and the art of Highland Dancing.

New site, new premises, lots of good news!

It has now been two weeks since the launch of DUTK, which coincided with the relocation of our premises to 3/16 Laycock St, North Gosford.

All the feedback I have received has been incredibly positive and it is pleasing to know that our clients, both existing and new are enjoying the new real and virtual spaces in which we conduct a business.

Every so often I will log-in and update you all on whats new in the DUTK world. This, being the first of those updates. The updates will follow a very similar pattern, Kilts, Pipe Bands, Highland Dancing. It is my hope to encourage you all to think about expanding your contribution to the Scottish Society as well as keeping you informed with key events.

So, whats happening with Kilts? Right now is the time to buy, the British pound is quite weak to our dollar and so the import of items is much less expensive than ever before. Don’t be fooled by old prices, Kilts are less expensive in Australia than ever before. Here @ McFscot we believe in passing that saving on, it was the foundation behind this business and partcularly important to my father. If you’ve been wanting a kilt but don’t want to pay old prices, contact the new DUTK

McFscot can tailor your kilt to your needs, Kilt, Mini Kilt, Ladies Kilt, Babies Kilt, contact our Kilt specialist today.

This week saw the NSW Pipe Band community meet for the NSW State Championships for solo piping and drumming. By all accounts it was an enjoyable day with high standard piping and drumming. Congratulations to all who competed and achieved in the contest.

Similarly in Highland Dancing, the NSW State Championships were held at Castle Hill showground. The dancers endured severe heat and performed outstandingly to complete their championship dances. Congratulations to the winners, and special mention to my client – a student of the Veronica Law School of Highland Dancing, Felicity Warren who placed 2nd Runner-up in the adult category. I am very proud of what we have achieved with Felicity, who joined the VLSHD full-time in 2011. I ‘m looking forward to seeing Felicity dance in Champion of Champions in Hobart next Easter.

On that note, I’m going to wrap up with a reminder to those dancers eligable to compete in Champion of Champions to get your entries in: I was recently at an event hosted by the Tasmanian State Committee and they seem very well prepared to run this event, so dancer’s, like all major dancing events, it’s only as good as YOU make it! Get your entries in and help make Hobart the success they deserve to be!

Look forward to hearing from you re that kilt quote!

Cheers for now – Dougie

Relocation of Premises

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LAW 2.0.11

McFarland Scottish and Celtic Supplies proudly presents LAW 2.0.11!

A presentation concert by the Veronica Law School of Highland Dancing.

Central Coast Leagues Club,
Sunday 18th December 1pm.
Tickets from
or 43721556.